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A great start

Everyone deserves the best possible start, and a well-structured and engaging onboarding plays an important part of that.

Blending digital onboarding with onsite instruction, you can get employees up to speed 50% faster.

Inspired, engaged and motivated employees are more productive and less likely to churn.


Effective onboarding increases motivation and helps your employees become productive fast!

Engaging onboarding 

Use the market-leading eloomi LMS, and build the onboarding experience which is just right for your organisation.

Use your existing content such as Powerpoint slides, texts, PDFs or videos, or select from our extensive library of great e-learning titles.


Onboarding and continuous training

Work with your own content, or choose from extensive libraries. Build incredible onboarding programmes or deliver effective compliance training. Assign courses to your employees at the click of a button, then watch the content on any device.

Onboard your new hires in style, and let them become both engaged and productive faster than ever before.

Build great blended learning experiences, and gain the benefits of digital learning, and onsite training.

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