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The power of simplicity

Probably the easiest and most efficient way of training employees in your organisation is right here.

A learning management solution so intuitive, you can build entire course programmes in hours or days, not weeks or months!

Create engaging learning content that inspires, motivates and moves people in your company.

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*Actual screenshot from the eloomi content builder

Building is a breeze

The true value of a best-in-class LMS is how easy it is to build, distribute and watch learning.

Use your existing content such as Powerpoint slides, text and PDFs, upload or insert video links and work with e-learning in Scorm formats.

Dream it up, then build it!


Ready-made libraries

No existing content. No problem!

Select anything or all from comprehensive libraries covering sales training, compliance, software skills, programming and more.

Personalised e-learning

We can build your vision

From IT-demos and presentational material, to tailor-made courses and e-learning modules built in Storyline or Captivate.

“Choose just the right combination of ready-made or personalised e-learning courses, and get your employee training off the ground and into orbit.”

*Actual screenshot from eloomi platform

Skills training

Help your employees be the best they can be, by knowing exactly where they are in their lifecycle.

Track learning, skills and progress with just a few clicks.

See development over time.

Take action when necessary.

Participate positively in the journey of your employee.


Manage courses

Easily manage your learning content.

Create programmes consisting of individual modules, and assign appropriate training to your entire organisation, branch, department or single employee of your choice.


Onboarding and continuous training

Work with your own content, or choose from extensive libraries. Build incredible onboarding programmes or deliver effective compliance training. Assign courses to your employees at the click of a button, then watch the content on any device.

Grow the business

“We need to acquire and develop new capabilities to support our growth plan.”

Regional Head of HR, France

Source: Gartner Analytics

Improve operational excellence

“We need to improve all processes and paperwork to create efficiencies, improve accuracy, enhance customer service and achieve shorter time to fill and higher quality of fill.”

Head of Recruiting, U.S.

Source: Gartner Analytics

Execute business transformations

“We’ll have to establish a foundation for compensation excellence and identify HR technology solutions to enable future growth and operational efficiencies.”

Head of Total Rewards, U.S.

Source: Gartner Analytics

Innovate for success

“The organization needs to find ways to differentiate itself in a flooded market … where there’s intense pressure on cost.”

CHRO, New Zealand

Source: Gartner Analytics

Optimize costs

“We have relentless focus on doing what really matters, and getting good data as to costs and how they link to the business strategy.”

Head of Talent Management, Australia

Source: Gartner Analytics

LMS key features explained

Creative flexibility

Mix onsite training with digital content, and create awesome blended learning.

Content builder

Build your own modules using content unique to your company.

Assign learning with ease

Easily launch course programmes to organisation, department or individuals. 

Social learning

Rate courses, make recommendations and chat to share knowledge.


Engage your employees with exciting gamification, points and awards.


Filter to view standard reports on learning, compliance and test results.


Automatically activate certificates upon module completion.

Admin modules

Manage single or multiple elements, and get overall view of resources.

Scorm compliant

Modules and course programmes are built to support SCORM files.

Create engaging learning experiences for all your employess, regardless of where they are in their current lifecycle.

Our LMS enables you to efficiently build, distribute and watch content on any device. With social learning and gamification, release your inner artist, and be as creative as you want to be!

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