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One tool to rule them all

An elegant performance management and appraisals solution that enables you to do all the important things.

Map and measure competence.

Schedule dialogues, customise and speed up your reviews.

Conduct gap analysis, work with soft and hard goals and much more.

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*Actual screenshot from the eloomi platform

Performance reviews

Grow performance while helping managers and employees engage easily and intuitively.

Track performance across your entire organisation, in select branches, departments or down to the individual employee.


Flexible and fast

Digitize your performance management and appraisals process.

Create crystal clear and dynamic reviews using grids or flow-charts.

Take proactive measures, and give relevant and timely feedback to your employees.


*Actual screenshot from the eloomi appraisals solution

*Actual screenshot from the eloomi platform

Check-in coaching

Engage in as many or as few check-in conversations with your employees as you like.

Build trust and solve minor issues before they become problems.

Improve company, employee and manager relationships.


Advancement plan

Software solution empowers employees to take charge of their own development, goals and areas of improvement.

Easy tools for preparing ongoing coaching and follow-up sessions.

Configurable development zones with intuitive and elegant sliders for rating.


*eloomi platform looks great on any device

Solutions overview

Performance Management

Appraisals process

Competence mapping

Gap analysis


Dialogue templates

Push notifications

Performance overview

Track & compare

Push notifications

Hard KPIs

Soft KPIs

Evaluate employee

Prepare one-on-one

Development plan

Ongoing feedback

Customisable progress

Predefined userflows


Generated discussion

Find talent

Advanced feedback

The best performing companies know their employees well. Where they are, what is important for them, and where they intend to go next.

With best-in class digital performance management and appraisals solutions, you will gain access to this information too.

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