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No one size fits all

Each company and organisation has unique learning requirements, necessities and set of cultural values.

As digital learning consultants and course creation specialists, we pride ourselves on producing high quality personalised e-learning that is aligned with your particular organisational vision of employee training and development.

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e-learning inspiration

Below examples of e-learning courses most frequently requested by companies and organisations seeking our services.

Onboarding modules

e-learning that reflects your company culture and values, and helps your employees get up to speed fast!

Skills training

Save time and money using digital courses that develop specific skill sets unique to your industry and segment.

Compliance training

Compliance training not offered by ready-made libraries. Ensure employee compliance across your organisation.

Sales programmes

Some companies have their very own take on sales techniques. We help you develop engaging e-learning that is just YOU!

Learning Management System

Great e-learning content should be presented the best way possible. We provide an optional LMS platform that is a perfect match for your tailor-made e-learning modules. 

e-learning tools

Do you prefer to work with a specific tool or platform that you are experienced with?

We develop in both Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate. We are also well-versed in CMS such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

We help you realise your vision of the ideal tailor-made digital learning experience.   

With many years of experience developing e-learning, our courses are built on tried-and-tested pedagogic principles, high levels of engagement and respect for company culture of our clients.

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