Research have shown that organisational analytics can be an incredibly powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. For one, it’s a excellent tool to find the key influencers in your organisation, along with the brokers you need on your side.

The truth about key influencers

It may be hard to believe, but numbers don’t lie. Only 3% of your workforce exert significant influence on 50% of their peers in your organisation.

These are well-respected professionals that are crucial for the work you do.

Surprisingly, many companies have not invested any resources in discovering who the key influencers are. But they should!

Revisiting the organisational chart

The traditional organisational chart needs to be revisited. Real influence does to some extent follow titles and charts, but that’s only half the story.

Significant power and say on a day-to-day basis rests with people hidden somewhere in your company structure. By locating these people, you can achieve several positive things.

Protecting your assets

Firstly, you can quickly identify employees that you most likely cannot afford to lose, at least not in the short term. Having influence normally stems from respect and competence, so just for this reason alone, finding them is key.

Secondly, in times where companies of all sizes are under constant pressure to innovate, and to adapt to new technologies and increasing competition, the need for fast change and agility in the decision-making process is crucial. By tapping into the 3%, you can accelerate the desired change, and better involve the decision-makers in the process.

The need for agility

Let’s not forget that the data the organisational analytics provide is also an excellent chance to revisit assumptions you take for granted today. Our analytical tools can help you, not just identify those who exert a strong influence, but also more specifically gatekeepers and brokers.

As part of the analytical process, you will better understand where there are bottlenecks in your organisation, but also if any silos exist i.e. places with barriers that impede good collaboration across departments or sectors.

Investing in organisational analytics is a great way to better understand your company, its key influencers, and how to best deal with the real power structure in your organisation.

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